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 Forum Rules - Read before posting!

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Rockandi [Vince]
Rockandi [Vince]

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Forum Rules - Read before posting! Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules - Read before posting!   Forum Rules - Read before posting! EmptyThu Jun 25, 2009 1:06 pm

Hello, and welcome to the Rock of Ages forums!
Before you begin posting, we would appreciate it if all members read and get used to these simple rules.
Following them will help keep the forums neat and safe - what more cold you want?

1] Swearing: Swearing is allowed on these forums.
If a word isn't automatically censored, chances are it's okay to use here.
However, we would prefer that you keep it to a minimum.
Constant use of ''swearwords'' will get you a warning and, eventually, a ban.

2] Double-posting: Please try to avoid any re-posting at all costs. If you resend / re-post a message (whether it be by accident or on purpose), it will be deleted by either myself or a moderator.

** Please check if there are similar topics before posting.
Multiple topics will be deleted and only the original will be kept.

3] Signatures / Avatars: Members' signatures and avatars are NOT to contain ANY pornography, obscenity, violence, or any other disturbing images / text. If your signature or avatar is offensive to others, it WILL be removed by myself or a mod.

4] Caps Lock: Avoid typing in capital letters. Using caps to bold words is perfectly fine, but we would appreciate it if you'd turn off caps lock before posting.

5] PM System: The private messaging system is to be used scarcely, and only for necessary messages.
You are not to use it for advertisement, spam, or profanity.

** To all members: If, at any time, you receive an unwanted / unnecessary private message, don't hesitate to send me a PM containing a quote and a name.

6] Don't ask: No, you cannot be a moderator.

7] SMS: Type your letters out. The ''Short Hand Messaging System'' is not allowed here. For example, instead of typing ''u'', type ''you''. Instead of ''4'', type ''for''.
Failure to follow this simple rule will result in deletion of posts and (if severe enough) banning.

8] Accounts: One account per person. If you would like your username changed, PM me.

Additional rules will be added as needed.
Please remember that we will not hesitate to ban.
If you have any questions concerning the forums and / or their operations, send me a message and we'll sort it out.

Otherwise, have fun and enjoy the site. (:
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Forum Rules - Read before posting!
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